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Vin Sciortino

Vin Sciortino is an entrepreneur from the suburbs of New York City who has spent a career in sales and marketing. The primary focus of print and promo has now transitioned to include network marketing. Sciortino has a passion for helping business owners, networkers, and influencers all over the country add more value to their customers and clients. This has created additional revenue streams that are fruitful and provide stability. These relationships have had a positive effect on Sciortino’s goal of helping malnourished children receive proper nutrition and the effort to solve world hunger. Sciortino continues this mantra in his personal life, getting involved in community organizations that also have the same values and beliefs. Sciortino receives tremendous support from his beautiful wife, Alice, and his amazing daughters, Lexi and Julia. Sciortino is available to teach you more about helping you achieve freedom, make impact, and thrive.

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