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Sharon Salvador

Sharon Salvador MBA. Sharon Salvador is a Dominican-American woman, raised and educated in Newark, New Jersey, who at 15 years old became an active and conscious community activist compelled to support community-based organizations in affecting the disaffected. A first generation graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers University and an MBA from University of Phoenix, she formalized her consulting business and serves the community at large in a multitude of endeavors.

Financial education is the core of her personal service platform. As she strives to be an example, in her family and community, now is the most opportune time to share resources about a subject matter at the center of quality-of-life improvement for the masses. Salvador always seeks to make a greater positive impact.

With over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, administration, management, and operations for corporations, foundations, and charitable organizations, Salvador develops strategic business infrastructure with holistic enterprise plans to facilitate workshops for client executive teams in compliance, leads, and orchestrates process re#nement of operations, grant, and proposal writing, fund development, financial education, and more.

Salvador delivers a fresh approach to culture refurbishment in any organization through enlightened function and cohesiveness in individual and group dynamics. Her proven, customized, forwardthinking personal leadership coaching and team-building activities have garnered awards and acknowledgement from domestic and international organizations.

A distinguished leader with excellent diplomacy skills, Salvador has raised millions of dollars for various individuals, domestic, and international organizations; her work attracts results.

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