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Sandi and Ed Cohen

Sandi and Ed Cohen have been successful serial entrepreneurs for decades, identifying business trends.  They have a history of identifying trends with “first mover advantage”.

With a commitment to helping others, they have created a team of 700,000 in 51 countries and helped 48 people earn over a million dollars through duplication and multiplication.

Both graduates of Temple University and in traditional business with five pharmacies and a medical and surgical supply business with a specialty in pediatrics, they built those businesses from zero to multimillion dollar revenues in a three-year period.

They are co-authors of five books on the Amazon best-seller list, as well as included in Maureen Mulvaney’s best-selling book, The  Women’s Millionaire Club.

The Cohens are cofounders of  ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals) and on the Distributor Council of the Social Networking Association.

Their primary passion is to shortcut the learning curve for those who are willing and coachable to start to live a five-star lifestyle. Most importantly, they helped countless numbers attain their goals and are now helping even more people worldwide to get more control of both their time and finances.

They have a love of technology and want to stand out from the crowd and help others do the same.  Empowering others to accomplish more in less time is one of their many passions.

Every tomorrow is a vision of hope.

“You are where your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be”.