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Katharina Notarianni

Bestselling author and publisher Katharina Notarianni, together with her husband, John Notarianni, is focused on building successful residual income businesses to share remarkable products that have helped them balance the body, mind, and spirit. Their success story is featured in The Network Marketing Boom!, co-authored with Drew Berman – Network Marketing Guru, Paul Finck – The Maverick Millionaire, and several other successful network marketers. Ever the entrepreneur, Katharina Notarianni launched Healing Time Books, a publishing company with a mission to help authors make the most of today’s digital technologies to self publish their works. HTB Website Design provides mobile-friendly website design services. And, for over twenty-five years, Katharina Notarianni, as the Tara Channel, together with her husband, John, has helped guide others on their personal journey of self-realization to transform their health and wellness.