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Daniel Bolin

Daniel Bolin knows first-hand the overwhelm and frustration of self-limiting intrusive thoughts sabotaging our inner happiness and spark for life. He has reconnected with the inner enlightened spiritual being who possesses unconditional love, positivity, kindness, and true compassion. Bolin has his own business, where he works one-on-one with his clients, helping them recognize within this beautiful way of being calm and influencing ourselves to reach higher.

Shifting focus channeling our natural energy to promote healing the relationship with self by recognizing the mind-body connection. The body communicates our deepest needs.

Interacting with others with the intention of improving their life without expectations. Bolin guides, shares, and takes action to show ourselves compassion when we are in turmoil or confusion. He helps identify the unseen subconscious obstacles that get in the way of happy day-to-day living and enables us to withdraw from negative energy patterns of pain that block us from healing the wounds that are continually keeping us from achieving our best life. Bolin’s gift is sharing self-awareness in a way that’s heartfelt, to dive deep within, and help others rediscover their true passions.

Bolin is most active on Facebook, where he shares his inner work (journey) freely, without anxiety or expectations. He openly shares his dark past to help others appreciate that we are not alone in our struggles, and we are, in fact, in this together, to gain true power rebuilding our tribes. Bolin is firm in his beliefs and own inner understanding of life’s deeper purpose, yet kind and compassionate with his message.