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Colleen Rekers

Colleen Rekers is an innovative transformation leadership coach, dynamic speaker, international best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur, living the laptop lifestyle, and running multiple lucrative businesses. She is certified life and wellness coach, an Integrative Health Practitioner, and an expert in several healing modalities. Her training, education, research, and life experience has catapulted her in the life, wellness, mindset and personal development areas. With her unshakable belief and dedication to her clients, their success is evitable.

Rekers resides in northern California with her family of nine, and passionately serves clients all around the world. Rekers is known as a Supermom for her ability to empower women to obtain a higher degree of personal, professional, and financial freedom, allowing them to overcome overwhelm, and joy, and show up confident and stronger than ever for themselves and their families.