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Carolyn Johnson

As a little girl, all Carolyn Johnson wanted to know was how to be good. This little girl with an inquiring mind, and the young woman she became, rose from a background of repression, alcoholism, and abuse. Her early job experiences were marked by blatant sexist discrimination in matters of compensation and advancement. Through it all, Johnson was formed by adversity and her choice to remain positive and learn. She learned from big business, small business, and monkey business. She learned from failure and from success, as she went from the ashes of defeat to heading an organization of 175,000 team members.

Today, Johnson lives in Phoenix, Arizona, as a single parent of two incredible grown children, Cathy and Tommy, is a grandmother of six, and most recently, a great-grandmother of two! She enjoys the amazing blessing of working closely with Tommy and his wife, Lindsay, working and strategizing together on their individual businesses, and traveling the world in business. A dream come true!